Meny Stäng

Topplistor 2020

Dem flesta listorna finns i sin helhet på Spotify(följ resp. länk) men vissa låtar måste letas på t.ex. Youtube.

#024 Entombed
1. Out of Hand
Left Hand Path
Scottish Hell
Chief Rebel Angel
To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak The Truth
Sinners Bleed
Night of The Vampire
Supposed To Rot
Damn Deal Done

#023 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
1. Your Funeral My Trial
Rings of Saturn
Where The Wild Roses Grow
Jubilee Street
Red Right Hand
Push The Sky Away
Carry Me
Hold on to Yourself
The Curse of Millhaven
Girl in Amber

#022 David Eugene Edwards
1. Blue Pail Fever
Come Brave
The Partisan
Dirty Blue
Black Soul Choir
Whistling Girl
Coal Black Horses
Wayfaring Stranger
Winter Shaker

#021 The White Stripes
1. Little Cream Soda
Truth Doesn´t Make a Noise
We´re Going to Be Friends
Apple Blossom
Black Math
Icky Thump
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
One More Cup of Coffee
Little Acorns
Fell in Love With a Girl

#020 Primal Scream
1. Jailbird
Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar
You´re Just Dead Skin To Me
Blood Money
It´s Not Enough
When The Bomb Drops
Miss Lucifer

#019 T.Rex
1. Get it On
20th Century Boy
Telegram Sam
Light Of Love
Celebrate Summer
Tame My Tiger
Solid Baby
Zip Gun Boogie
Calling All Destroyers

IE3 (Inte ens tre) Joy Division
1. Interzone
Day of the Lords
She´s Lost Control
Love Will Tear Us Apart
The Sound of Music
Dead Souls

Ovan: Säsong 2

#018 The Stooges
1. Sex And Money
I wanna Be Your Dog
I´m Sick Of You
Gimme Danger
Down On The Street
Search And Destroy
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
Open Up And Bleed
I Need Somebody

#017 Pixies
1. Monkey Gone To Heaven
Catfish Kate
Gouge Away
Cecilia Ann
Rock Music
River Euphrates
Where Is My Mind?
Blown Away
Motorway To Roswell
Hang Wire

#016 Turbonegro
1. The Age Of Pamparius
Prince Of The Rodeo
Suburban Prince´s Death Song
Get It On
Fuck The World
Armed And Fairly Well Equipped
Hobbit Motherfuckers
Denim Demon
Selfdestructo Bust

#015 Iron Maiden
1. Hallowed Be Thy Name
The Trooper
2 Minutes to Midnight
Fear of the Dark
Where Eagles Dare
Aces High
Flight of Icarus
Strange World

#014 The Hellacopters
1. (Gotta Get Some Action Now) Now!
Crimson Ballroom
By The Grace Of God
No Song Unheard
Rainy Day Revisited
Bore Me
Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial
Born Broke
Disappointment Blues

#013 Hurriganes
1. Shanandoah
Pain in My Heart
11th st Boogie
Honey I´m Leaving
Bourbon Street
Crazy Days
Can´t Come Home
I Will Stay

#012 The Gun Club
1.My Dreams
Fire Spirit
Sex Beat
Mother of Earth
Carry Home
The House on Highland Avenue
The Stranger in Our Town
Moonlight Motel
Bad America
She´s Like Heroin to Me

#011 Circle Jerks
1. Making the Bombs
Beverly Hills Century City
Parade of the Horribles
Leave me Alone
When the Shit Hits the Fan
Paid Vacation
Stars and Stripes
Red Tape
Live Fast Die Young

#010 Black Sabbath
1. Black Sabbath
Children of the Grave
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
War Pigs
Wheels of Confusion
Killing Yourself to Live
Symptoms of the Universe

#009 Misfits
1. Bullet
Hollywood Babylon
Theme For A Jackal
Static Age
London Dungeon
Halloween II
Some Kinda Hate
Earth A.D.

#008 Black Flag
1. Nervous Breakdown
Black Coffee
Can´t Decide
Loose Nut
Room 13
My War
Rise Above
Jealous Again