Meny Stäng

Topplistor 2019

Dem flesta listorna finns i sin helhet på Spotify men vissa låtar måste letas upp på Youtube eller liknande.

#007 The Raveonettes
1.Heart Of Stone
Aly, Walk With Me
Young And Cold
Break Up Girls!
Gone Forever
The Beat Dies
Till The End

#006 Nirvana
1. Lithium
Serve The Servants
Drain You
About A Girl
Come As You Are
Rape Me
Very Ape
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Something In The Way

#005 Ramones
1. Poison Heart
We Want The Airwaves
It´s Not for Me to Know
Pet Semetary
Beet On The Brat
Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World
I´m Affected
I Don´t Want You
Strength to Endure
53rd & 3rd

#004 The Libertines
1. Can´t Stand Me Know
Time For Heroes
Heart Of The Matter
Up The Bracket
Gunga Din
The Ha Ha Wall
The Boy Looked At Johnny

#003 Guns n´Roses
1. November Rain
Welcome To The Jungle
Think About You
Civil War
Sweet Child Of Mine
One In A Million
You Could Be Mine
Paradise City

#002 Dead Kennedys
1.Viva Las Vegas
Holiday In Cambodja
California Über Alles
Kill The Poor
Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Police Truck
I Spy
At My Job
Too Drunk To Fuck
Moon Over Marin

#001 Hot Snakes
1.This Mystic Decade
I Need a Doctor
If Credits What Matters I´ll Take Credit
Suicide Invoice
Kreative Kontrol
10th Planet
Let It Come
Audit In Progress
Our Work Fills The Pews
Six Wave Hold-Down